5 tips to attract more money


In this post I’m going give you 5 tips to attract more money.

Everyone wants to know how to attract money . You might have wondered why some people seem to still have money while others struggle to hold on until the end of the month.

5 tips to attract more money

I think it’s correct to say that most people want money.

 Beliefs and Money

And while everyone wants to attract money, not all of us have a healthy view about money. 

Many religions teach that money is the “root of evil”. They support stereotypes such as “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer”.

If you want more money in your life then you have to love money. It may sound strange to you, but the law of attraction brings you the object you value.

If you consider money to be bad, and poverty to be much healthier, then you will attract. more poverty still.

Loving money is the key

Attracting money into your life is just like having a romantic relationship.

If you want to attract that sexy woman or that attractive man into your life then you call them on the phone. And you make a date.

Maybe you will write beautiful messages to this person, you will give them compliments.

You find out what that person likes and give them a nice gift and keep a picture of that person on your phone. You are in love and you feel good.

And that is exactly what the law of attraction is . It is not just writing or saying affirmations, it is not enough to use pictures to visualize things you want, 

it is about feeling a deep sense of well being about the object of your desire.

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Here are 5 tips to attract money into your life

1. Realize that money is like electricity

It is neither good nor bad. Just like electricity , you can use it to do a lot of good or to cause harm. 

Many people prefer to blame money for their mistakes because they are afraid to face responsibility.

2. Everything you want to attract requires a specific way of thinking.

You must have an intense feeling for your desire. Whatever you want you must be feeling amazingly good thinking about it.

If you have negative feelings about money, how can you expect it to come to you?

3. Keep pictures or symbols relating to money

This will help you focus and always remind you of your intention.

You can use images of money, real money, things or objects you could make or get with money or symbols such as rocks or marbles.

Use the symbol that works for you, as soon as you look at this symbol you should immediately feel good.

4. Take action.

You can’t just say I want to attract money to me.

You have to really focus on prosperity, opportunities are going to come to you, at that point just trust your guidance system to bring you to success.

good deed, choose the one that makes you feel good.

5. Visualize.

Use your imagination to imagine that you are already rich. Visualize exactly how much money you want to have.

You want 500 € more per month, 1000 € more per month? Play the “what if I won the lottery” game, now imagine you already have that extra cash, relish that feeling.

You should do this visualization exercise every day for about 15 minutes , but it should always be fun.

If it seems like a chore to you don’t do it your vibration would be negative.

These are a few simple steps to help you more easily attract money and prosperity into your life.

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