A Magic Formula to bring You Fortune


A Magic Formula to bring You Fortune.

This article provides a secret that will lead you to your life’s most transformative adventure. As yet, only some people in every walk of life apply this magic formula. One unique thing about this magic formula is that individuals who once get it and implement it literally are always successful.

Don’t you think living the life we desire is our birthright? Aren’t we personally responsible for everything in our lives? There is a famous proverb that says, “If there is will, there is way”. Here, you will be given away to change your life. But the key question is “Are you Willing?” If you do, please keep reading.


Yes, you saw it right! It is metamorphosis, but caterpillar isn’t at all involved. This is about getting to your core and turning yourself inside out by discarding any preconceived thoughts. A wise person once told me we need to unlearn our old beliefs and perception before learning anything new. First, it made me wonder the necessity to unlearn since Knowledge is Power. But as I was going deeper and further into my quest, I realize that emptying our mind is far more way easier to absorb something new as we can’t fill up a jug which is already full. So, the first rule is “Unfeed Your Mind.”

The common mistake we tend to do is living life within our own perspectives. Since young we have acquired our preconceived information till it has built strong walls around us. And for some of us, we are automatically playing a series of programs which others assume are right for us. But once we are released from the old faith and go forth, we can fully realize the magnificence which life has to offer us. The amount of time we spent believing that we can’t is more than enough time to learn how we can. And to get rid these old beliefs is easy when we allow it to be as it’s a mere conscious choice.

The Anti Dote in within You.

Now imagine life as a brain where it’s a total lockdown inside a bone skull. Neither lights nor sound in it. The only thing is electrical impulses caused by experiences from our external environment. There are five brain wave patterns or electrical energy produced by the brain such as Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. The rhythms are measured by Electrical Electroencephalograph (EEG) in cycles per second (CPS). Now, we are going to look in depth on two brain waves which are Beta and Alpha. Frequency of Beta and Alpha are between 14 to 28 CPS and 7.5 -13 CPS respectively.

Beta is our ordinary mind with which we operate presently. In short, our conscious mind. Although it is unfit for any form of manifestation and spiritual advancement, without Beta we will not be able to go to the next level which is Alpha. Therefore, understanding and using our beta level is really important. So, how do we do that? Simply by embracing our existence in the universe by making our mind in the present. And that will open many doors to live a fulfilling life.

Besides, if we always learn to stay present, we can avoid the continual “time travel” of our mind visiting our past events and future occurrences. This is the act that does us more harm than good. This relieves stress and heightens awareness that does not produce cloudy thinking and always enables better decision-making. Neither regretting the past nor fretting about the future can make life better.

And the first question that might pop in many heads now is “How can all of this assist me? Will it help me to pay my bills? Will it alleviate the pain and suffering I’m experiencing? Yes, it will certainly”. This is the aim of this article, but not in BETA, but in ALPHA.

Explore the New Dimension

The state of Alpha is basically a door leading to a mystical realm.  When consistently we trained our mind to be at alpha state and plant a wish/desire, that particular desire will be manifested. The key here is that we need to adapt well to the law of vibration before employing the law of attraction. Just exactly like putting the correct key into the ignition before we begin to drive. The priority is to attain a certain frequency which is at Alpha State before we can truly manifest.  This notion has been proved by several researchers.

We will be in the Alpha State several times in a day. Have you notice when you call someone who is watching tv they don’t respond to you? That is because he/she is at Alpha State. Do you have experience driving without remembering how you got there? Again, you are at Alpha. When someone walks to the garden after a long day, they’re in the state of Alpha. And we are usually at Alpha when we take our shower. This is why we always get fresh thoughts on all the things we contemplate while we bathe. Alpha state is where the creative juices flow freely. It is also known as meditative state where the brain is more powerful when its less active. But meditation is not the only option to reach this state.

There are many paths to reach this destination. And few techniques are described here to induce the Alpha state. Kindly choose the method which works well for you.

There are few easy methods to enter Alpha. We will normally be in one drowsy mode just before we become completely up in the morning and before we fall into deep sleep in the night. That drowsy mode is basically Alpha. Sometimes the same drowsiness one will experience after a heavy lunch. As soon as you feel drowsy, sit straight on your back and think of one particular goal in an image form which you want to manifest. Do not lie down or get into a comfortable position until you fall asleep. The aim is to focus and formulate an image in your mind at Alpha state which has the ability to awaken your inner power to connect with the higher intelligence.

To summarize, you may enter Alpha state easily: –

  1. Before fully awake in the morning.
  2. Right before you sleep off.
  3. After a heavy meal.

But if you learn to train yourself to go into Alpha mode anytime you choose, you will have more power over your life and manifestation at your fingertips. The technique is to sit comfortably with a straight spine. Look 45 degree above eye level until your eyes are heavy and your eyelashes gently close on their own. Do not force your eyes to close. Let nature takes it course. You then need to slowly count from 50 to 1 until you are in a really relaxed state. And because 1-50 is activating, the number has to be 50-1 instead of 1-50. You should be able to experience the same drowsy state as above. What we need to achieve here is to go deeper and deeper within ourselves. If you could acquire that state, it signifies you are at alpha. Another method is to choose one word mantra instead of counting from 50-1. The mantra could be “Om/Amen” or any words you prefer. And its not possible to do it within one day.  You often need to practice to advance. Give time for this new skill to be developed.

However, the process leading to Alpha ought to be entirely natural. Let things happen, don’t do anything. Flow with what comes. Effortlessness is how nature functions exactly as a foetus grows and evolves without effort inside the womb of the mother. The mind requires no effort either, as you can’t force a calm state in it, just let it happen. The mind must thus step aside and allow the power within to accomplish what it has to accomplish.

We create our own reality in every instant by being who we choose to be in that moment. Always remember that it’s not what you believe or have read that will change your life, it’s what you have experience directly.

Therefore, Don’t Quit before the Miracle.