Attract Money: Usually, the rainy season gives us more happiness, especially people in Tamil Nadu (India) and other states will feel happy when it rains, as we get some relief, from water scarcity. How to Attract Money through rainwater? That’s what you’re going to see below.

Now it is rainy season in Tamil Nadu (India), this rain will last for 45 to 50 days. You can try this from wherever you are in this world when it rains.


In Indian Mythology, Lord Varuna is one among the oldest Vedic deities and his presence is everywhere in this world. Lord Varuna is, rains and water. You can Attract Money from the significator of rain Lord Varuna.

Rainwater is another form of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Where there is Goddess Mahalakshmi there, you can Attract Money. We always say we have to Attract Money like rain and we often use words like “PANA MAZHAI” (In Tamil) it is nothing, but we have to get abundance.

Even people living in other countries can also follow this method when it rains at their places.

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How to Do :

When we get rain for first in a season, we have to store it, and it is also good to keep that rainwater in our house. It will also remove all Vastu related problems, and you will get answers for your Money issues and obstacles related to money flow will vanish.

Before 50 to 60 years, In India’s most of the cities, all the houses were individual, and inside the house, there will be an open space called MUTRAM. In Vastu Shastra, it is brahmasthanam, when we get rainfall, the water would sprinkle and drop into the house.

They also build a small place like kulam (Pond) where they store the rainwater in it. Every home will have well, and those houses were prosperous. They attract money also.

Even today there are many houses in Karikal, Karaikudi and other villages (Towns of Tamilnadu,India) you can see these kinds of homes.

In today’s world, we found those methods as old and converted all the individual houses to the multi-storeyed apartment. As we changed our lifestyle, we are facing more difficulties in our life and fail to attract money. Since we don’t have the option of storing rainwater automatically, we need to collect the rainwater whenever the rain falls.

We have to store the first rainwater. It is good to have rainwater in the house; so place the rain water-filled bottle or storage container in the corner of your home to attract money. If you want to filter rainwater, you can filter it, and you can even take a bath. I have prescribed many mantras you can use those mantras while bathing. (Check out the links given)


Chant this mantra while bathing it will help you attract money.
Depending on the place where you are and the conditions if you want to get the rainwater filtered, you can filter it.

If you mix it with hot water, the power will reduce. We can use the rainwater to clean the floor without filtering. Also, we can sprinkle the rainwater in the main door.

It is a fact that regularly splashing the rainwater will Attract Money and get Money Goddess Mahalakshmi to knock our door.

It is always good to sprinkle the rainwater to our complete house as well as we can spray in our entire body from Head to Toe. Some of them might have medical issues. So, check the possibility and perform the steps that are comfortable for you.

As the rainy season has started, suggest you follow this method and share your experience with us.

TC : Smt.Radha Karthik