Attracting good fortune with salt: what do you need for the ritual?


This article is about Attracting good fortune with salt: what do you need for the ritual?

Note that white magic requires ritual tools specific to its vocation. You can’t randomly choose tools as you want. White magic is like cooking. To succeed in your dish, you must follow a specific recipe.

Attracting good fortune with salt

Regarding which tools to use, you must choose them carefully. With the right equipment, you can work in complete freedom, without constraints.

And it’s the same in magic! You will be guaranteed an optimal result using the right equipment.

In white magic, you will need an altar. It is a consecrated space, reserved only for rituals. To do this, do not look for noon to two o’clock.

 A simple table, dressed in a white tablecloth, will do! You will put on this table all the material necessary for the ritual such as: candles, incense, cup, stones …

Make sure the place is kept clean and tidy after each ritual. Then, the cut is also an inseparable element in white magic.

 It symbolizes the magical power of water. The cup can be made of different materials: crystal, glass, brass, etc.

If you fancy trying the Ritual of Attracting Money with Salt, you will need the items listed below:
  • A white candle
  • A cup of pure water
  • An envelope
  • Matches
  • A coin
  • A container with coarse unrefined sea salt

Surely you have noticed in movies or in shows that magicians often use candles during their tricks. But why ? Know that candles are strong links between the physical world and the astral world.

It is for this reason that they are omnipresent during the rituals. Its flame (symbolizing the soul) opens a communicating door between the two worlds.

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In general, in white magic, water serves to purify and protect.

Also note that water is one of the essential ingredients of any magic preparation. Christian, Buddhist, Hindus… almost all religions in the world use this element for purification.

So you will need salt and not just any salt. Take coarse unrefined sea salt. Know as an indication that salt has magical properties, still unknown. The salt allows in particular to move away all the negative energies of a place or a body.

But that’s not all, it also helps to purify a place or a house. It is for this reason that it is often used in a large number of magical rituals. You will understand, you will need it in this ritual to attract money.

How to go about it?

Dress properly and quietly prepare your altar! To do this, you need a small table and a stool. On a white tablecloth, if you are right-handed, place in a row (from left to right) the candle, the container with the salt, the cup with pure water and the coin of any value in a row.

On the other hand, if you are left-handed, you will install these various elements mentioned above in the reverse order.

Now close your eyes and focus on the ritual! Relax and clear your mind! Think about your goal! How Much Money Do You Need? Once you have a number in mind, you can begin the ritual by lighting the candle with the matches.

The magic formula is also a key step in this salt ritual, which should not be overlooked. It is a condensed formula, made up of a series of syllables, and repeated several times during a certain time with an adapted rhythm. 

It is used in esoteric circles: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism (a religion that appeared around the tenth or ninth century BC with nearly ten million followers around the world), Sikhism (a monotheistic religion founded in the country of the Maharajas), etc.

Now pronounce the famous magic formula. Take the cup of pure water that you have prepared. Place it in your right hand while holding it over the candle. 

Say, “The forces of Water, Earth and Fire, may my request be heard, make my dearest wish come true!” I want to receive the sum of X… euros this month (this year…). So be it ”. 

When you pronounce this formula, be sure to indicate the exact amount and the timeframe you want… Thanks to this “mantra”, be sure: whatever your wish, it will come true! The words you just spoke are extremely powerful.

Then return the cup to its original position. Then repeat this gesture, but this time with the container containing the coarse salt. Take the coin with the right hand. And drop it in the salt. 

Count a maximum of 3 seconds and repeat it. Still with your right hand, immerse the coin in pure water. Count again 3 seconds, then resume. 

Secretly keep the coin in your wallet. You can now extinguish the candle. Pour the water into the earth! As for the salt, put it in the envelope and keep it in a corner of the house away from prying eyes.

Repeat this ritual for 6 days. You will need the same items except the water which needs to be renewed. Your desire should normally come true after 17 days following the ritual.

Do you want to change your life and want to make your wildest dreams come true? Money is one of the keys to unlocking the door to your happiness. Why not try the ritual of attracting money with salt?

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