best ways to attract money by thinking


In this blog post, we are talking about the best ways to attract money by thinking.

Many people dream of wealth, few really get it.

While it is customary to blame external factors to explain this failure, the reason could be much simpler.

A lot of people just don’t think about wealth properly.

best ways to attract money by thinking
Casual man thinking about money on concrete background

The Coué method attract money

Coué method: what are the principles?

The Coué method is a method based on conscious autosuggestion. The inventor of the method started from the postulate that the subconscious is at the origin of physical and mental states. He was convinced that the imagination allowed us to communicate directly with the subconscious.

The principle of his method was therefore simple. Negative images and representations have devastating and devastating effects while positive representations have the opposite effect.

Contrary to beliefs, it is not about wanting, but rather imagining that one can. These 2 concepts are different. It is the imagination that gives real results.

Coué method: why does it work?

The Coué method works because of 2 psychological factors: achievement and action.

The principle of realization, as explained by Émile Coué, wants any thought that obsesses our memory or our imagination to tend to become reality. With the power of persuasion that our minds have on ourselves, thoughts come true.

Action is the body’s ability to mobilize to achieve a goal. It is therefore not the will alone that allows us to act, but rather the autosuggestion of our capacity to carry out the action.

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Coué method: how does it attract money by thought?

What keeps most people from making money or getting rich is their beliefs. Indeed, a large number of people believe themselves incapable of attaining wealth. By modifying their thoughts through conscious autosuggestion, they can imagine themselves becoming rich. If the thought occupies their mind, then they will experience actions pushing them in that direction.

NLP attract money

What are the principles?

NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) is a pragmatic approach to communication, psychology and personal change. She teaches a new way of seeing the world and life. Compared to a real philosophy, NLP advocates the development of the human being, the ability to relate to the world as well as self-confidence.

The intrinsic principle of NLP is to allow everyone to arrive at a modeling of the world that is effective and efficient. It offers everyone to develop their personal capacities.

PNL: why does it work?

NLP works because it is a comprehensive approach that aims to change the belief system. In fact, it is generally beliefs that form a limiting barrier around human possibilities. By modifying the limits imposed by these beliefs, but also by the values ​​of the individual, humans are able to make spectacular changes in their lives. These changes generally lead the person to a better life, more prosperous and closer to his balance.

PNL: how does it attract money by thought?

If NLP gives such results in attracting money, it is because it encourages the person to take the right actions at the right time. By no longer being limited by beliefs, generally mistaken, the individual no longer feels guilty of attracting fortune.

Visualization attract money

What are the principles?

Positive visualization is a tool for personal development. Its purpose is to prepare the mind for future situations. By visualizing a future event or objective, man approaches it in a more serene and adequate manner. Her mind has had time to develop strategies to combat limiting thoughts.

Visualization: why does it work?

Positive visualization leads to exceptional results. It is used in particular by professional athletes as part of their mental preparation. In everyday life, it gives humans an opportunity to achieve their goals or achieve their dreams. Thanks to positive visualization, nothing seems impossible anymore.

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