Tie this bell Deepavali 2020 during the auspicious time for Wealth Prosperity and Money Attraction.

In Chinese Vastu, people use to tie FENG SHUI bells on their doors. We are also going to see something similar to that. Nowadays, in our market, there are many feng shui or Vastu doorbells available. The sounds released from those bells are sometimes unbearable because of low quality and it creates only negative energy in our house.

We are going to know about a product which we were using, during the older days. The product is nothing but, BRONZE BELL, it is used in our temples, and we regularly use at our home for showing Aarati and sambrani (Benzoin). Usually, bell sound gives good and positive vibration to our mind and the place surrounding.

Deepavali 2020 ritual to attract money and wealth

On Deepavali, during the auspicious time, you can tie bells in all doors in our house. We are connecting the bells to invite Goddess MahaLakshmi to our home.

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The bells should be tied using red or golden colour thread; even you can use a red ribbon to tie it. Bells should be of bronze, and it is of significantly less cost. Suppose you have four rooms you can tie it in all the places. You have to tie these bells outside the door, and we should not tie it inside.
Either tie in any doorknob, or we can use stickers which are strong enough to hold the bell, and we can hang it in the front door. Connecting of bells all over the house will lead to a positive vibration. The quarrel between husband and wife will start reducing; you can feel the difference within 1 to 2 months. It is a fact that on hearing the bell sounds, all the divine energies enter into that house.

You can even hang the bell at the door entrance and also ensure the safety of it. No one should remove it. Please don’t tie the bells in the bathroom and restroom door. You can connect the bell in the back door entrance, but hanging it inside the door.

Nowadays we are getting many temple shaped almirah to keep the deities photos in it, the outer part of the door is with many small bells, and those bells are mostly brass metals. We get only less sound from it.
We have to use the bells made of bronze it releases good sound, and it is very optimistic when it rings at our home. As said in this post if we start hanging bronze bells on all our doors, it will start doing its work automatically. So, Do this Deepavali and make your house very auspicious.

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TC : Smt.Radha Karthik