Do this Wish Spell on New Moon Day


Do this Wish Spell on New Moon Day: Generally, Saturday New Moon Day is very optimistic one for eradicating any negativities from life and fulfil our wishes. One can do many tantric methods for illness, bad debts, and enemies on this day. Tuesday and Saturday are best to do, but Saturday New Moon Day is a more potent one. Let’s see the Wish Spell now :

Things Required for Wish Spell on New Moon Day:

White Candle
Glass tumbler filled with Water

Powdered salt (Not Rock Salt)

Small piece of paper to write – Like Scribbling Pad

White Chalk

Easy Procedure:

Do follow this Wish Spell to Cleanse all unwanted things on New Moon Day, from your life like bad debts, laziness, and cure disease and to avoid resistance. Write down a list of unwanted things in your life; let it be short and crisp writing. 

You are going to use a glass tumbler filled with Water, candle and powdered salt to protect from all four directions.

Generally, on a new moon day, we must worship our ancestors first. When you’re doing this wish spell on new moon day night hours, Start the new moon day wish spell by praying Lord Ganapathy by Chanting ‘OM GAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA’ at least 27 times, as he is one who removes all the hurdles. 

Take powdered salt in hands and blow in all four directions. Do this for guarding yourself against evil things in all the directions with salt before starting Wish spell; it is just like cleansing all the negative stuff.

Cast Yourself this on New Moon Day. Choose a separate room with a table in front and do this after 9 pm till midnight. Do not use any gadgets like mobile phones, and there should be total silence in the room. You will need 10 to 15 minutes for doing this process.

Fill Water in the glass tumbler and keep it in the open balcony for 15 minutes. It will absorb all the vibrations or the energy into the Water during this New Moon Day.Water has the power to absorb cosmic energy.

I have mentioned this water theory in my earlier posts as well as there are scientific proofs available based on the research conducted by many researchers. Start this from 9 pm up to 12 pm. 

We can use any one colour candle (white/ black /blue). Write the Wish Spell list using a black or blue colour pen. Use this only for you and your family members. Do not do this method for the outside members of the house, and it may not work. 

First draw a circle with chalk then light the candle, place the glass tumbler inside the ring and then read the list prepared aloud in the room, and no one should be in that room. Now you’re almost ready for the Wish Spell Casting.

After reading the list, immerse the paper fully into the glass tumbler having Water. Wait until the candle turns off and don’t disturb the wax or the setup done for this Wish Spell. You can cast this Wish Spell in any place even in kitchen room, and it’s nothing harmful.

After completing, you can wash your hands and go to bed. Next day morning when you get up, first things you have to do is to take the glass tumbler and pour the Water filled with paper into bathroom flush and then wash the tumbler. 

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Even you can remove the wax from that place and flush it out. After completing this work, you can carry on with your regular activity. You can do this Wish Spell on all New Moon Days if you require. 

When you do this on New moon day, you are cleansing the things you have mentioned in the list. You can add anything left out things during next New Moon Day Casting. You can cast this Wish Spell throughout your life during each New moon day whenever you have negative things to be cleared.

TC : Smt.Radha Karthik