Money Spells that work over Night


Money Spells: Know a simple and Powerful Method using peacock feather. 

Peacock feather has to be placed only on the backdoor on the main entrance. You can Plac this on any day and at any time. Need not see any auspicious time to do this. 

Do this to Make your House Magical:

You can keep any number of Peacock Feathers in this Free Money Spell. As per wish, you can keep how many peacock feathers you want in the back door. This free Money Spells will give instant results like Money spells that work overnight to most of the Persons. 


There is an important reason to keep peacock feather in the back of your main door. Placing the peacock feather will bring more abundance to your place.

Many changes and opportunities will start arising, and you can also place this in both in-office and business places. 

You can stick that peacock feather, or you can use a rubber band and hang it on a nail.

Generally, there will be 4 to 5 people in a house, even in a small family. There will be 3 to 4 members, and among these 3 to 4 people any one of them will have SANI DASA OR RAHU DASA, or they might even have RAHU BHUKTI or SANI BHUKTI or KETU BHUKTI.

Frequency Codes to Increase Wealth

Any of these can be found in horoscope of at least one of the members in the family. If it is not there, it might start for 1 ½ year once they transit. It can create a specific imbalance situation.


Peacock has the power to fight against the snake. That’s the reason; peacock feather is kept for the planetary association. It will not only provide abundance but also gives protection from snake related things like NAGA DOSHAM, and some might have killed it.

It will help to cure problems like childbirth, marriage and relationship between couples.


Do clean the Peacock feathers regularly to avoid any dust formation in it. While cleaning it should be done without dipping it in water. Don’t ever do that !! It will lose its power. Keep it dust-free so that it will work like Money spells that work overnight.

Buy peacock feathers from the genuine source. Everyone in your family can do this kind of things. There is no mistake in touching the feather even in odd days by women.

To get more abundance, do follow this and bring protection from all the ways to your family.

Free Money Spells With Currency Notes

Know how to increase money flow using this free money spell consisting of energy and subconscious mind therapy. Now, we are going to learn the significance of that symbol.

Take a small note and think about any amount which you require immediately. Everyone likes to use money spell for a considerable amount; it is useful if you feel for your necessity.

Money Spells that Work Overnight are not always tough to Do :

Use this Free Money Spells for small things instead of waiting for huge things to happen as it will take a period of 40 to 50 days.

There is a necessity you have to pay 50000 rupees as EMI; you have to start writing about it. Suppose, if it works within a week or ten days then you can start writing the other wish.

 You can use this process for everything, including things required in your house. The money spell method works well when we have a deep thought about it.


Take a small note, go to the first page, write your name and write the amount you require in the future tense as a sentence.

For Example –”I’M GONNA GET TEN LAKHS” and after receiving you have to use it only for the reason you wished. Need not write about the materials and objects you require, mention only the amount required. After writing the sentence mention “+”, it is a symbolic representation, we are going to get something extra than usual.

While writing these things, it will get registered in our brain and subconscious mind. Write the currency symbol of your country after the PLUS symbol. Draw an arrow after the currency symbol. Then, write your name and the amount at last. It is good to report a page in a day.

In simple, first, write the title and then the below symbolic representation.



+ Rs.→ NAME 1000000

While writing these symbols it will get registered in our subconscious minds, and it works very fast. You can use it whenever you wish to fulfil the things which you require immediately.

When it gets register in your mind, we can use it even for our daily needs. For Example, You are going out in an emergency; it will be useful if you have 5000 rupees to meet your expenses. Write the symbol in a small paper and keep it in your pocket and carry on your work.

The money spell method works well only based on regular practice. It is a proven approach, and many people attained benefits within a week, and some achieved in 15 days.

This is a unique method of Astrologer.ShriGuru.Vamanan Sesshadri, combining Law of attraction, energy therapy and subconscious mind therapy.

Follow this money spell symbol method as mentioned and attain all the benefits you require.

TC : Smt.Radha Karthik