Frequency Codes to Increase Wealth


Frequency Codes: To increase our wealth, Learn new codes now. Best day to start writing this frequency code would be on Wednesday, write it regularly to raise the energy vibration. Use green colour pen-like sketch pen or marker or any other pen which should have green ink in it, to write the code.

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For More Money Attraction, Law of Attraction:

Benefits attained through this codes.

This method best suits people doing business, aiming for promotion in work or extra income earned through another source, housewife where they can get gifts from their family and friends circle. Ladies at home can use this code to start a new business and earn money. Frequency codes works 200% for people who are in marketing, performing business with their speech, lawyers and consultancy.  


This frequency codes enhances the person victory in various ways by convincing the other person and achieves whatever required.


Write the frequency codes only on your chest and not in any other place. As and when it gets erased, you can rewrite it multiple times. It is tough to get help from someone to write. When we write the code our self, it is not necessary to be in a straight line on our chest. 

To get sound effects, chant the frequency codes several times within you. It is the most effective method used by several people. 

TC : From ShriGuru Methods Smt.Radha KArthik


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