Healing Codes are always Powerful in many ways. We tend to change our old vehicle after a certain period. There might be a situation where we cannot change our vehicle due to any circumstances, be it money or something else. 

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To Change our Pattern

When we see an advertisement for a new two-wheeler or a car, our eagerness to change gets more. But, Due to our situation, we need to postpone. This Healing codes will help in this situation. It’s given by Energy Healer.Spiritualist.Tantric Astrologer Shri.Vamanan Sesshadri.

It can be any type where a person wants to change his two-wheeler to a new one or get a car instead of a two-wheeler. It can be changing the car to a high end or a luxurious vehicle.

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About Healing Codes

 There is no restriction on which vehicle you want to change. You desire to change, along with the Healing codes you are going to use will guide you to the path of changing the car or any other vehicle to opt for. 

This method will take time according to the situation we are in. But sure, it will give you a way well before you could think of. 


It’s the power to change the money attraction energies and situation is enormous. You need to write the code on the vehicle you wish to change, and you can forget about it. Rest, the Power of Healing Codes and universal divine energies will take care. 

How to Do

There is no need to chant these codes. Paste this code in front of the vehicle or below the number plate where people won’t disturb this sticker. 

Do not paste Healing codes in the number plate as the code carries numerical values. In-car, you can paste the Code symbol either in the front or back. 

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This sticker doesn’t need to be visible to everyone. To paste the code, Use a small sticker like price tag sticker and use Pink or Blue pen to write the code. By Pasting this Healing Codes Sticker outside, You’re releasing the universal divine energy to react instantly. 

It is the most effective and tested method. People who want to sell their vehicle for a higher price and get a new vehicle can also follow this Healing Codes method.

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 Assume that the vehicle is in bad condition, and you are not able to change the vehicle due to that, then follow this by which you can get a path to change your vehicle. 

The Healing Code :


TC : From ShriGuru Methods Smt.Radha Karthik