How to attract money to you: 8 tips to do it


Attracting money to yourself and experiencing financial abundance are desires shared by many of us.

A dream that can become a reality for everyone, provided you take the means.

Do you want to change your life and have your purse full?

Here are 8 tips for you to attract money to yourself, to put into practice without delay.


1-List your deep motivations

To attract money to you, you must first know the deep motivations that push to want more. They are what will keep you determined to achieve this goal. Desire without a clear motivation is nothing but energy that is wasted. So take the time to list the specific reasons that make you want abundance. Also remember to write that this “more money” means concretely to you, in terms of numbers.

2-Accept to be responsible for your finances

Second tip to attract money to yourself: accept full responsibility for your finances. To change any aspect of your life, you have to admit that it is you, and no one else, who is in control. You are therefore the one and only responsible for your current financial situation. If it doesn’t satisfy you, it’s not the fault of the rich, or your boss, the government, or some dark and evil force. Once this observation is integrated, you will finally be able to change things and attract financial abundance.

3-Clean up your vision of money

You can’t attract money to yourself if you have an unhealthy relationship with it. Whether you desire it as much as you hate it or accuse it of all the evils in the world, financial abundance will remain beyond your reach. Likewise, if you adore money and expect things from it that it cannot afford, then you will feel like you can never have enough.

Understand that money is neutral. It is the actions carried out thanks to him that are good or bad. Money is a means to achieve goals, but not a goal in itself. It is what a hammer is to a frame: an instrument which enables it to be made. Nothing more. There is therefore, once and for all, nothing immoral in wanting to have money.

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4-Cultivate positive thoughts to attract money to you

Positive thinking is a very useful tool for attracting money because it allows the brain to adopt behaviors favorable to abundance and to be more efficient. So focus on thinking only positive things about money, wealth, and your own situation. Eliminate words like “debt”, “poverty”, “galley”, “broke”, “misery”, etc. from your language. Focus on all that is good about money to attract it to you.

5-Deconstruct your limiting beliefs about money

We all have strong beliefs about money. They are most often inherited from our upbringing. Many of them are negative about money. The problem is, you can’t attract money to yourself if you subconsciously forbid it. So you need to identify all of your negative beliefs about money and wealth.

For each of them, identify where it came from and make a part of the things that remind you that it belongs only to the person who transmitted it to you and not to yourself. Replace them with their positive equivalent and your whole view of the world will change.

6-Calm your fear of lack

Fear of scarcity is another common obstacle when it comes to attracting money to yourself. Indeed, when we are afraid of something, our brain undergoes a stress which impairs our thinking skills and often pushes us to act by making bad decisions. Result: we find ourselves in the situation that we wanted to avoid at all costs.

Get rid of your fear of scarcity by rationalizing it as much as possible. There is no reason for you to suddenly run out of money if you have a job and are in good health, for example. The light of reason is the best way to dispel fears by driving out the darkness in which they lurk.

7-Cultivate your inner wealth

To attract abundance and money to yourself, it is important to understand that wealth is not just financial. Carefully cultivate your inner wealth, to prepare yourself to receive outer wealth. Be open to others. Be attentive and considerate with them. Take advantage of all the good times that life has to offer and feel the richness of these moments of happiness like an authentic treasure. This state of mind will help you achieve abundance and will open unexpected doors for you.

8-Act as if the abundance is already there

To attract money to you like a magnet, you have to start by being grateful for your current situation. Focus on the money you already have, overflow with gratitude for it, and take the fact that you are going to have more as a matter of course. You must act and speak with the certainty that you will receive much more.

It is not, of course, a question of spending a nest egg that you do not yet have, but of feeling full of confidence that it is certain to come. Always be generous by sharing some of your assets with those in need, without compromising your own situation. This money, if given with a good heart, will come back to you afterwards.

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