Many cultures have myths that hold that wealth and spirituality don’t go together. In this blog post, we will talk about HOW TO ATTRACT MORE MONEY?


While in truth money is neither “good” nor “bad”, and it does not have the power to transform a person of integrity and genuine into one who is not.

But, money IS an essential part of your spiritual development, and the resistance you feel in the face of it is reflected in the results you produce in your business.

This is why if you truly desire to continue moving forward on your spiritual path – and on the path of successful business – you must discover how to break free from these myths

so that you can reach your next level of success with grace and ease.

The good news is, every time you break free from a financial myth from the past, you open the door to a new level of income, freedom, confidence, and decisiveness.

Today I have decided to present to you 5 ways in which money will help you move forward in your spiritual development AND grow your business:

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1. Attract More Money creates time

Prayer, meditation, a retreat or a time of reflection are very important activities in allowing you to stay connected to Divine Energy.

You need to have enough cash flow to be able to give yourself time to keep up with these activities without having to spend every moment of your day running around, wondering

where the next penny will come from.

2. Money expresses love

How many people can you help if you’re constantly worried about making enough money? When you have enough cash flow, you can generously take care of giving to others. 

It doesn’t matter whether you donate your time, your services, your products, or your money.

You can choose the people and causes that advance your vision for a better world.

3. Money inspires hope

When you are successful, the greatest gift you can give is to become a beacon for everyone you touch and inspire. 

By showing them what you have done, you are helping them believe they can do it too.

4. Money is energy

Attract more money represents the exchange of service and time between you and your customers, suppliers, merchants, etc.

The energy of money is constantly in motion and flowing in all directions.

As you become prosperous you are helping to increase this flow, allowing greater abundance to manifest in your life and other people around you.

5. Money flows from the Spirit (it ‘flows from the Source’)

The Spirit places no limit on the wealth you can obtain (limitation is a man-made concept). 

When you remember that you are serving Spirit first, you never feel guilty about attracting more money than others.

You don’t believe that your success is robbing others of what they need.

Remember that attracting a lot of money is part of your spiritual path!

When you hold yourself in your power with money, you feel alive, aligned with your truth, and you can express your full potential.

The next time you are tempted to doubt your ability to attract more money.

When you are tempted to believe that attracting more is ‘bad’, remember that fear and doubt are never the keys. truth, and that you are supposed to be rich beyond anything you can imagine!

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