How to Pray the Goddess of Wealth


Know-How to Pray: Goddess Dhanadha Yakshini Devi. Dhanadha Yakshini Devi always blesses her people with more money. Dhanadha Yakshini is another form of Goddess Mahalakshmi. 

Even now, Jainism people worship Goddess MahaLakshmi as one of the Yakshini.

Look out the below Sloka –

“Om Yakshaya Kuberaya Vaishravanaya Dhanadhanyadhipataye

Dhanadhanyasamriddhim Me Dehi Dapaya Svaha॥”

The above shloka is chanted for Kuberar; Because he is Leader of Yaksha Kingdom. Even Ravanan is referred to as Yaksha.

 Dhanadha Yakshini Devi is worshipped in Sushma roopam (Seeing Visually), and there is no need for any statue. Yakshini is worshiped as a small remedy.


Mantra to Chant for Thanatha Yakshini Devi


It is similar to “OM KUBERAYA NAMAHA.”

Yaksha is the Raja, and Dhanadha Yakshini is the one among yakshini who works under Yaksha.

There are many rules and classifications to worship each Yakshini. But here I’ve given a Simple Procedure to follow to get fast results.

Easy Procedure

Things Required:

Tumbler – 3 Nos

Pepper – 9 Nos

Mud Lamp – 3

Direction: East Facing

Days: Wednesday and Friday

Take three tumblers and fill all the tumblers with raw rice and also take nine peppers and place three peppers in each tumbler.

First, place one tumbler near the pooja room, place another one in the bedroom near your pillow, and the last one to be placed in your living room.

Learn About Kamakhya Temple

Then take three mud lamps use gingelly oil and green cotton wick to light the lamp. The green cotton wick can be prepared using a new cotton cloth.

First, light the lamp in the pooja room, then light the lamp in the living room and at last light the lamp in the bedroom.

How to Pray

Now we are going to pray Yakshini in Sushma roopam.

First, worship Yaksher Kubera and chant the “ OM KUBERAYA NAMAHA “ mantra three times and then chant for Thanatha Yakshini Devi “OM THANATHA YAKSHINI NAMAHA” for 1008 times or 108 times.

Chant this mantra while sitting in the pooja room and offer “MILK PAYASAM “as prasad and dhoop. Allow the lamp to get it off on its own.

This ritual will usually work fast, and you will receive positive signals. 

Remove all the three lamps after it gets off and then drop all the three tumblers of rice and pepper into a bag and offer it to anyone.

Follow this ritual monthly, once, or yearly once. Good to follow monthly once to get more effects.

How to Pray Goddess INDRANI 

Learn who is the main head and controller of Planet Venus.

Everyone will think Goddess Mahalakshmi is the head of the Sukran( Venus), and now we are going to learn about another Goddess.

Goddess Indrani is the wife of Indra and one of the Saptha Kanni (Set of Seven Goddess), and she is referred to as “AYIRAM KANNUDAIYAL.” (One with thousand Eyes)

Power of Rudraksha Mala

Goddess Indrani usually fulfills our wishes instantly, but we have to chant a simple Gayathri mantra for it.

Chant the Gayathri mantra 108 times, because that will help to increase the flow of money, and Sukran will not become weak.

Usually, the astrologer checks the placement of Venus in the horoscope to know the comfort level and status of a person.

Suppose Venus is in a weak position in any of the person’s horoscope; for example, if Venus is down in Kani Rasi or Kadagam rasi or Kumbha rasi, these people can chant the Indrani Gayathri mantra to get good effects.

Likewise, people who are having Sukra Dasha or Sukra bhukti and also Sukra Dasha in Sani bhukti or Sani Dasha in Sukra bhukti can chant the mantra.

Spiritual Remedies for Life Problems

Chant the mantra of Indrani as much as possible, I suggest you chant this mantra 108 times, and it will not even take 15 minutes. 

Follow this mantra chanting as one of your regular rituals, it will help to improve the power of Sukra, and you can gain more abundance in your life.




Follow the above and make your life prosperous.

TC : Smt.Radha Karthik