Law of Attraction: TEN MINUTES of MIRACLES

Attract everything through Law of attraction

Law of attraction will always help you in so many ways. We will have many short time desires, and we strive hard to achieve it. But not, if we follow the Law of Attraction. In this post, we are going to learn a straightforward method which will help us to reach all our wishes.

Initially, to practise this method, we need a room where we can be alone when following it. We have to spend 5 minutes of our time. We call this kind of approach the Law of Attraction or subconscious method conditioning or self-hypnotize. First, we need to think of one desire.

Both men and women can follow this method, and there are no time restrictions. We can do it in all the directions.

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Easy procedure:

Before learning this Law of Attraction method, let’s go through a few examples by which you can easily understand how to implement this technique and achieve what you desire.

Let us assume, there is a pending amount which you are thinking about and after 10 minutes of your thinking, you receive that vast amount. Likewise, you are aiming for a government job, and you are thinking of it, after 10 minutes you are getting the government job order. It’s all possible through the Law of Attraction.

These things will happen only when we have deep thinking of it. You can call this Law of Attraction or 10minutes ago method. We have to follow this method regularly for 30 to 40 days. By continuous practice we can fulfil all our wishes; this will work only for all the short term wishes. You cannot imply it for long term wishes.

Learning the process:

Now Let’s prepare ourselves to practice this Law of Attraction method. We have to do this process sitting separately in a room without any disturbances. We have to be very clear on the desire we choose, and we should focus on only one thing. After selecting the desire, you have to assume 10 minutes before your desired got fulfilled. 

You have to visualize the scenario, or you can even think of it. This Law of Attraction will help you to concentrate on that thing, and it would get a pass on to our subconscious mind.

This wish might get fulfilled within a week or even by ten days and also you can extend it to 1 month depending upon the desire you have and the concentration we have given for it. Remember, Needing nothing Attracts Everything. So, avoid Anxiousness, When practising Law of Attraction.

It can be of a normal or difficult one. You have to do this process three times a day each for 5 minutes; we have to continue doing it for 30 to 40 days. By doing so, all our wishes will get satisfied or happen immediately. That is the real beauty of the Law of Attraction. We have to give positive thinking to the subconscious mind as conditioning.

When you achieve your desire, you again continue the same process by proceeding with another wish. You can use the Law of attraction for many desires like getting a promotion, change of work, increment.  

We need not only think only about work, but you can also think about buying a product or anything when it comes to the Law of Attraction. But don’t use it for a negative thing and we should not think of any person who doesn’t like us. Through this, you can attract Everything you want. 

We can use this method to change the behaviour of a person positively.

It is a speedy working method of Law of Attraction. It might be not easy when you start your first wish. By regular practice, it would become earlier. 

TC : Smt.Radha Karthik