Love Magic 8 Ball : Love Magic for Decision Making


Those who work with love magic 8 ball use a variety of objects in their practice, designed to concentrate energy, increase energy, laziness, and so on. For future searches and advice in a variety of situations, use magic balls that you can have in your home.

How to make love magic 8 ball?

If a person wants to practice using the crystal sphere, it is necessary to properly prepare the workplace and create tables with symbols and values. It is better to use rock crystal to make it, but it is difficult to find a clean stone and an ideal round object, so it is better to buy.

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It is important that there is no flaws.

The best is when you explore a magic ball in your own hands to understand whether it is suitable for energy or not. Items are in different diameters, starting at ten and ending at 25 cm in diameter. Still need a stand or stand that can be made from a board with a groove or buy, but the first option is preferred. For rituals, buy black cloth, so that it does not reflect crystals.

The magic ball of prophecy

To get results, you need a lot of practice and experience. The first love magic 8 ball picture may appear suddenly, but eventually this process can be controlled. Best to perform sessions during the full moon era. Working with a magic ball should start with cleaning it. To do this, you can hold it under running water for 15 minutes. You can put objects in the ice.

Keep an energy charge. Take the ball in your hand and breathe deeply, imagine how it is filled with energy. Attend cleanly before each contact

Magic Ball gave a long lasting and truthful information, it is necessary to take into account various features. You don’t let anyone touch it, because it immediately absorbs the other’s energy.

Always keep the magic items closed when it’s not in use. You can’t replace a sphere for direct sunlight, but awning is useful for it.

Why do you need a magic ball?

Crystal spheres are often used in miracle sessions, as they allow you to concentrate on a certain point and then, move away from it from an already selected direction. Another force for love magic 8 ball is to immerse yourself in your own subconscious and learn how to control energy.

The use of it is to clean space from negative and impact people. They can be a powerful custodian, transmitter and power transformer to the crystal sphere.

How to use magic balls?

Seers don’t want to reveal their secrets, so there’s no consensus as to how the ball works. There is a general opinion that there is a version of how magic balls work for scientists because guessers simply see through the crystals. The fact is that when a person looks at quartz for a long time, different aspects appear in the mind.

This is because light, while reflecting from the surface, tires the optical nerve, and it stops transmitting signals from the eyes to the brain. As a result, visual images will be replaced by internal objects.

The predictive magic ball for decision making

There is an object for prediction, which looks like a billiard ball number 8, but the size is larger. Inside is a dark liquid, with an image of twenty directions, each part carrying a concrete answer: “yes”, “no”, “absolutely correct”, “probably” and others.

To use magic balls to make decisions, it must be confronted. After that, pay attention and ask questions of interest. The next step is to sink the ball properly, turn it on and look at the rescue box.

Magic Ball – Divine

For starters, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to be uncomfortable if you don’t get anything at first. It is important to practice regularly. Guessing is easy for those who are physically sensitive and energetically receptive. It is better to train your attention as long as possible. For an initial mood, you can use meditation and rituals.

To make predictions, place yourself in a room where the windows face north. It is important to sit back on the light behind you to avoid reflections and shadows on the crystals.

At a distance of one outstretched hand, there can be no more than two persons.Keep a love magic 8 ball in your hand or a stand placed in front of you. Get rid of external thoughts and focus on the sphere.

After a while, the crystal will become a monster, and then it will start to change and as a result it should turn black when the blackness disappears, different images begin to appear, which is important for ending the magic ball guess. In some cases, you may not consider an individual picture, but in some respects, resembling a film.

The magic of Tantra-Mantra

There is immense curiosity about magic all over the world. Many are praticising Magic and spells in all the ancient nations of the world. To primitive mankind, magic was a part of religion. Magic is the name of the miraculous control of natural or unnatural phenomena. There are basically three subjects in magic – mantras, enchanted objects and mantras or special works.

Belief is a matter of complete mindfulness. Belief usually arises from the idea of ​​object or subject matter. When the action of an object or subject is established on a real basis, it is called knowledge even though it is a part of faith.

But when knowledge is absent, blind faith is born when unreasonable trust is placed in it without knowing the causality of the object or subject. The uneducated and uneducated mind is the bearer of such faith. Some folk beliefs merge with people’s daily behavior and gain a permanent and traditional recognition in the way of life. We call this stage of behavioral and traditional belief as reform.