Lucky Number for Money with your DOB


Lucky number for money: Want to know whether you have a lucky number for money in your Date of Birth? Check this Out !! By learning this method, one can predict many things by ourselves. Even our ancestors have spoken about the power of these numbers.

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By manifesting this Lucky number for money, we can enhance more luck. First, we have to check whether these lucky numbers for money (three numbers) are there on our date of birth.  

For easy understanding, we are going to go through the below Example:

Example: Let us assume a date of birth: 13- 10-1988

First Digit contains 13 – Number 3 is available.

The second Digit contains 10 – All the three numbers are not available.

The third Digit contains 1988 – Number 9 is available.

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From this given Example, we can understand number 6 is missing. For that reason, we cannot change our date of birth. If any of these numbers are missing, then you can understand you have got the significantly less lucky number for money in your DOB.

How it Works

In Astrology, if there is any deficiency with Guru (Jupiter), Sukra(Venus) and Sevvaai (Mars), then the respective number will not be in our date of birth.

These Lucky number for money is a tesla code, famous and used by many people around the world. You can achieve several things from this method.

For Example let’s take the date of birth 13-6-1990, in this, we have got all three lucky numbers for money. In the case in your date of birth, if you have a similar one where all the three digits are present, and you don’t want to follow, you can leave this method.But, If you follow this method, it will enhance more power as well as money luck.

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Take a visiting card size paper which should be of UNRULED, and you can use any colour pen to write it.

The number 369 should be written from left to right in a row. Then start writing the number 3 – 3 times, number 6 – 6 times and number 9 – 9 times. Ensure repeated numbers should be written horizontally. That is each lucky number for money should be one below the other and number of times as mentioned.

Chant while writing the lucky number for money,, you can also write it if you wish. This method can be followed monthly once, or if you feel like changing the paper, you can do it. It can be placed anywhere as per your wish. It is a kind of cleansing method, and old paper can be thrown out in the dust bin when you start writing in the new paper.

You will start feeling the luck and enhancement when following this method. If you think at any point in time, the luck got reduced at that time; you can start writing it again. These numbers can be written regularly in a notebook, and it can be even written on cooker, pot or any of your favourite place. Following it regularly with belief will always enhance your luck. 

TC : From ShriGuru Methods : Smt.Radha Karthik