The Manifestation of Money : 3 Simple Ways


Learn how to do manifestation of money or earn money using mobile phone ringtone.

What is it?

There is a situation where we need 1 lakh of rupees within one month. We look out for help from various sources, and at the same time, there is a fear of returning to that person. In this Situation, the Manifestation of Money is required. 

You can follow this process for such a situation, and you can use the same for the lifetime also, whenever required.


A positive way of thinking will help gain more money and follow this process from 15 days to 1 month.

This is a pure, tested manifestation of money method, and I have shared it with many clients and received good feedback.

While doing this process, don’t expect it to happen on the same day, and do not count the days. If you wait with anxiety, then it will stop from happening.

You are not going to spend any amount on it, and it is a straightforward process. Just leave it in the hands of God and the universe. 

If you have any opposing thoughts or want to test this method or try without believing this process, it will indeed not work.


You can set these types of things, or you can set a ringtone based on your imagination.


Use an android phone; you will have an application called “Voice Recorder.”

For Example, Record as “RAMAN YOU HAVE GOT 1 LAKH CREDIT”, we get such messages from the bank, and we are going to connect such kind of voice over with our subconscious mind.

Another scenario for Manifestation of Money:

Let us assume you have some other requirements; you are looking out for a job.

Then you can record as –For Example: “LAKSHMI YOU HAVE GOT A JOB.”

There are many variations in the voice recorder. Look out for the options and choose the correct interpretations and sound effects for your voice. 

Some hesitate to keep our voice as a ringtone; those people can use the electronic vote. Those are the automatic voice received from mobile companies or banks.

Generally, we are aware of the voice generated by that electronic voice-over; it is good to use such a voice as quickly connected to our subconscious mind.

It’s a simple way when you receive calls multiple times, or whenever you hear the ringtone, you will think of it, and it will get registered by your subconscious mind for manifestation of money.


Use these kinds of ringtone in your imaginary ways and try this for all your techniques.


Know how to do manifestation of money and increase luck by keeping your bathroom clean.

General Things

Generally, people wish to save their hard-earned money for the future. But due to some reasons, they are unable to do so. They try all the possible causes to identify the reason. They couldn’t find the exact one, and at last, they give up or think they cannot save money.

This can be quickly resolved. First, you have to check any water leakage in any of the house rooms, especially in the kitchen and bathroom where you can find the leakage without our knowledge.

Another essential thing to be followed is that the bathroom and toilet should be clean, and it must be maintained well. Even I have asked to tie Crystal balls before the toilet to avoid unnecessary expenses and for the manifestation of money.


To know

This question will arise among many people – Which is the best day to clean the bathroom? 

Based on astrological significance and also Vastu significance, Saturday is the best day to clean the bathroom, and it helps to remove all the unlucky things. It will also stop all unnecessary and unwanted expenses. It is useful if you contain cleaning on other days except for Saturday.

Practice the habit of cleaning the bathroom and toilet on Saturday, and I have already said that toilets, dustbin areas, and untidy places are always connected with Saturn.

If you are cleaning the toilet by yourself or taking your help, use vinegar to clean your bathroom every Saturday.

Likewise, if your maid cleans your toilet, try to give them extra money or anything other than their regular salary. 

If it is a rainy season, try to get them a black umbrella and black blanket, and in case it is summer season, then offer them cold buttermilk and get them a black slipper to wear. It is useful if you provide them anything of these as a gift on Saturday.

Astrology Remedies For Money

When you start following all these things, you will begin to enhancing more luck in your life, and you will feel the changes, a manifestation of money happening in your life. 

Some people still think of them as unlucky.

After following, they will see the changeover in their lives, which is a simple ritual.

Follow this simple process and attain all the lucks in your life.


Learn simple money spell by activating Venus energy on Friday.

Usually, Friday is an auspicious day, and it is referred for Goddess MahaLakshmi, Goddess Indirani, and Planet Venus. 

Here, we are going to follow a simple money spell to increase Venus’s power.

Things Required: 

Glass Bowl – 3 Nos


Currency coins of equal shape – 3 Nos

White Ribbon or White Cloth

Auspicious Day – Friday

Timing – Afternoon from 1 pm to 2 pm

Easy Procedure:

First, take three glass bowls and fill sugar in equal quantity in all the three bowls. 

Follow this ritual on Friday afternoon from 1 pm to 2 pm, and even gents in the family wish to follow this ritual. Situations where they are at the office or held at work during that time their spouse to do it on their behalf.

Money Attraction: Easy Methods

After filling all the three bowls with sugar, you have to take any three currency coins of similar shape. Insert those coins in all three bowls, take a white ribbon or cloth and tie it around the glass bowl. We are trying to represent white color for the manifestation of money ritual.

It is done to activate Venus’s energy. Take all three bowls and place the first bowl near the main entrance door. Even when we stand outside, we should be able to watch it.

The next one should be placed in the pooja room and light a ghee lamp using white wick at the same time. 

The last one can be placed in your living room, or it can be kept in any one of the rooms of your choice. It can be placed in an important room or even the bedroom and do these within the given timings.

There are no specific directions to follow, and use a mat while sitting on the floor. Pray to God for 5 minutes as meditation and wish for all your money related things, and this simple ritual should help increase your money flow. 

After completing your prayers, you can proceed with your everyday work and allow the lamp to get off on its own.

Don’t remove those bowls on the same day; allow them to rest for one whole day. The next day, remove the coins and keep them in your cash box. Don’t spend that coin for one month. If you spend, then the chain of manifestation of money energy will break.

You can use this sugar in two ways; the first option is that you can consume yourself and the next option is to give it away to a woman who is low in status, and it will provide good benefits.  

My suggestion is to give away to others as a donation instead of consuming as much as we give to other peoples we will benefit from. Even if you wish to consume, avoid it for a day, and you can consume it by filtering it.

Follow this ritual and attain all the benefits required.

TC : Smt.Radha Karthik