Money Attraction: Easy Methods


AUSPICIOUS DAY:  Know how Friday is auspicious and how to improve our wealth and prosperity through money attraction simple methods. 

Usually, Friday is suitable for following rituals related to money, and it is a perfect day for Goddess Maha Lakshmi. All the good things are started only on Friday, and it is a fact that there will be continuity and it multiplies.

Going to learn about fruit and this fruit is available only during the summer season.



Generally, People offer many things to Goddess Maha Lakshmi as prasad, but this Mango fruit is the most important and one among the MUKKANI.

By, doing regular pooja to Maha Lakshmi on Friday will help to get rid of poverty. Now there are many people without a job, companies have reduced the salaries and many without business. 

It is good to follow this ritual during this time.

What to do?

To improve our wealth and prosperity, we are going to follow a ritual for six weeks using Mango. It is mighty and effective ritual.

Every Friday gets one or more Mango, as per your convenience. Place it near Maha Lakshmi photo and pray to God for your wealth and prosperity. After completing the pooja, consume the Mango on the same day along with your family.


Learn More 

Along with this ritual, learn some of these things shared below –

Earlier days, people use to have a habit of purchasing bananas, lemon, gooseberries while going home on Friday. These are optimistic and good things to be bought on Friday.

People have a habit of purchasing sweets and snacks when they visit their family or friends. In case if they are not affordable, they even give away lemon. Lemon is very bright fruit, but now people are fear of tantric and mantric method, so avoiding it.

Things to be followed:

Do follow these things on Friday, take the Maha Lakshmi photo then sprinkle rose water on the frame and clean with a cloth. Light ghee lamp using lotus stem wicks and use rose perfumed agarbatti – 5 numbers. 

Offer Mango and Diamond kalkandu as prasad to Goddess Maha Lakshmi. After completing pooja share the prasad among your family members.

Duration to follow : 

Follow this ritual at least for six weeks, and it is useful even if you continue the practice. This money attraction method works very fast and also helps to increase our wealth and prosperity.


Money Attraction through Folk Remedies

Learn luck enhancing technique using Green Peas; I got the chance to learn it from an older adult.

This Money Attraction is a folk method followed by people in olden days. Generally communicating with age-old people is a treasure; we know vast things from them. There are many things followed during those times, and slowly everything vanished. 

Know how to use:

Green pea remedy: This process works only based on your luck, to start, you have to get green peas from the market. 

The pea usually looks like a small spherical seed or the seed- pod of the pod fruit PISUM SATIVUM. Each pod contains several peas, which would be green or yellow.

You have to pick pod consisting of 9 peas, after reaching home. Open the peas pod and place on your right side of your shoulder for a few minutes and continue with your everyday work. Sometimes the peas may fall. In those case, collect the peas and drop it beneath the tree.



To get a POD with nine peas, we have to search as this will helps to remove a blockage in money and enhance luck in many ways. There are no directions and time limits to follow.

I suggested this method, to one of my client years before as they were in dire financial situation. After a few years, they gave feedback on how their financial situation improved on using this pea process. 

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Also, they suggested to their family members, and they are also in a well to do the problem. 

 As said, they followed this” GREEN PEA METHOD” and started to feel the changes, and they made it as a practice to follow it regularly. 

Search green peas with nine counts as much as possible; it is all luck based things. There are several things or materials we keep in our house to attain fortune, and this “GREEN PEA” process is one among them.

Whenever you have any hindrance in getting money or looking out for any source, follow this simple ritual and gain instant lucks.

You can feel the miracles of money attraction only during regular practice. Follow this old folk method and enjoy all the benefits.

Symbol Method :

Learn how to come out of the challenges and hindrances quickly by watching this simple picture.

Every person faces different kinds of scenario and challenges in their day to day life. Some of the obstacles are known, and some will happen unexpectedly. 

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Mostly people face challenges in their work; even while driving, we feel like the opposite person staring at us. Some people voluntarily pull us to troubles. 

We cannot escape from the situation, rather face it. Sometimes we will have no idea how to come out of the problem, and we can’t even lookout for help. We will be depressed thinking about the situation.

Here is the solution, for all the above problems – DOLPHIN PICTURE


Earlier days, kids get tattoo stickers on purchasing chocolates. It contains a sticker base; we can peel it out and stick on hands as a tattoo; some kids use to paste it on their books and pencil boxes. Even famous star photos will be available as stickers, and you can use those stickers in clothes as symbols just by ironing. The image gets transferred in a printed form after several washes it will get vanished.  

Nowadays dolphin pictures are available as small stickers; you can stick that in your left hand as a temporary tattoo. It will give sound effects and don’t use any permanent tattoo in your body.

You can even draw the picture in your hand, but it has to be realistic, only then you can feel the effects. 


 It is good to watch dolphin videos, go through the positive videos and ignore negative things like people catching the dolphins, violent fight or any animal hunting and consuming it.

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Use dolphin pictures as wallpaper, WhatsApp display picture and even as a display picture on Facebook. It’ll help you with Money Attraction also.


Why should we use dolphin tattoos, picture and videos? If you are in any depression, unable to make decisions and people are looking out for a break in their career, business or in their life.

All these people can get a break by watching Dolphin pictures and videos. It is the only solution to all your problems. Use dolphin picture as a tattoo in your hand; use the one who is jumping around, inside the water.

The best method is to draw in hand; it works well and gives more benefits. You can watch those whenever you feel. Get dolphin key chains which are realistic, and even dolphin air balloons are available.

Want to move the next level in life and come out of hindrances and away from people who are blocking paths – by merely watching DOLPHIN pictures.

Follow this simple process, and this helps you to see long jumps and money attraction in your life.

TC : Smt.Radha Karthik