Money Symbol: This one is a powerful sigil symbol for Money Attraction. I have prescribed this method for many people in my money therapy courses. So many of my followers are still doing this and getting benefits. This Money Symbol is a very potent one which works very fast. Many people use it as a home screen picture on their phone or their computer.

This money symbol is not an Indian symbol, but I have mixed our Indian tantric method along with it.

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Do this on these Days: 

Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Things Required: 

Golden Glitter/Ink pen, Big Gooseberry and white paper.

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Easy Procedure:

We have to use only big gooseberry (NELIKKAI), and there is no other option. This spell works only while using big gooseberry if it is not available to use a small one and check the effects of it. 

This money symbol will help to increase the items kept inside your locker. For example: If you have placed more ornaments, it will get improved. In simple terms, whatever valuable you keep inside will get increased. 

Do this money symbol method only ALMIRAH (Wardrobe or Where you keep your ornaments and money); it works well in steel ALMIRAH. Some people use wooden wardrobe as an ALMIRAH and store their cash and valuables in it. We can even use the symbol even on that, and there is no mistake.

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Many people will have a doubt; they use to store more clothes than cash in ALMIRAH. This symbol multiplies the items available in the ALMIRAH based on the intensions set by us. 

Know this in Detail :

To explain this a bit, if you have only clothes and there is no money or jewels, but you want to have more money or jewels, it is not possible. Keep cash or jewels to get it multiplied. 

Cut gooseberry into half and squeeze it with hand (Don’t use a mixer) and get the juice from it, draw the symbol using the juice on the surface of the ALMIRAH. We cannot draw the Money Symbol exactly using the juice; so try for an approximate perfection. 

Symbol given need not be 100% perfect as given. Take a piece of paper and draw the money symbol using a golden colour glitter pen or you can even take a printout and stick it on top of the symbol drawn using the gooseberry juice. Use a golden colour pen to mark the symbol that will enhance more power. 

Check this Finally

The background of the paper should be white.

When using this money symbol as a home screen on our phone or computer, we can even mention our name. Some people stick the sign without any intentions, and there might be some people keep clear intensions; whichever the case it might be; whatever inside the ALMIRAH will only get multiplied. In case only one door in the ALMIRAH then PASTE the symbol in the middle of the ALMIRAH.

TC : Smt.Radha Karthik