Simple Spells: 2 Quick Result Spells


Simple Spells:

Learn how to finish your work faster without any distractions with this simple spells by drawing a symbol in your hand. It’s a simple spell but quite unbreakable.


Each person wishes to complete the assigned work without any deviation and disturbances. But, for most of them, it is not possible to avoid this circumstance or the scenarios.

Some people would always spoil others creativity and try to give false reports or reviews of their work, which might create a disturbance to that person.

Who should Try this ?

Due to such things, people quickly get depressed and slow down in their work. Most of us would have come across these types of situation. For those, these simple spells will be most useful. 

Some people always have the habit of pinpointing other mistakes or speaking about their past work where they would have performed very poorly. Now they might be working hard to prove. 

People always like to work faster and at the same time with efficiency. But due to some scenario or laziness, they will slow down in their work or stop doing the work.

Here, we are going to learn a symbol which helps to complete our work faster and efficiently.


Another way of distraction:

Nowadays, people are easily getting distracted by watching mobile, – continuous chatting, posting a selfie-and in always WhatsApp call and video. They have to learn how to come out of addictions and how to concentrate on work without interruptions.


My suggestions about the permanent tattoo, if you are happy or sad, don’t decide anything at that time. Some people share their love by drawing a permanent tattoo in their body.

Avoid doing such things; if the person whom you like leaves, then it might be insensitive to remove the tattoo. When you try, it will, in turn, affect your body, so please think before whatever you do. Remember, It’s a simple spell but quite unbreakable

Things required: 

Red Sketch.


First, take a red sketch pen or any red pen to draw the picture in your hand.     


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Need to draw a flying eagle picture on your hand; you can search the videos in the online. Draw the image using a red colour pen on your left hand.

Draw this picture whenever you feel. Some people cannot draw it correctly, and it is good to take the help of your family member, on regular practice, it will become easier. 

Simple Spells is a symbolic representation, and You can use it for several things. Our work will get completed fast without any blockage when we have the picture in our hand.

Advantages of drawing the symbol, it will give us encouragement and motivation to complete all our works. This picture will get erased here, and now, so you have to draw again and again whenever required.

Most important miracle done by this symbol is, we will never postpone our work also will be very brisk in finishing the job. 

Follow this symbol and attain all the benefits by drawing the sign in your hand.

Simple Spells: Chocolate Spell for Quick Money

Learn how to earn money by writing in chocolate, it is an excellent method, and it works well.

Follow these Simple Spells only when you are depressed and need for money. Please don’t use it on a trial basis; it will not work. This method connects your brain and subconscious mind. Again, it’s a simple spell but quite unbreakable

When to DO ?

There is an emergency, and you need money. You haven’t received the amount from the concern, and there are some hindrances in receiving it. To obtain the amount, we are going to follow a unique technique using chocolate.

We are going to purchase a giant chocolate bar costing around 20 to 30 rupees. Let’s check with an example for easy understanding – There is an emergency requirement of Rs.30000, and you need it within three days. You are thinking about all the possible ways to arrange it.

Be Ready for Miracle through Simple Spells

A person has the power to do anything and can make things happen. You might have seen several examples in your life where your thinking and things happens gets coincide, and it will get completed.

When it comes to money, each one of us will get depressed quickly, after trying it to a certain extent. The method we are going to learn will not allow us to get depressed.

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Learn the Process:

Take big bar chocolate and carve the required amount using a knife or fork spoon, for example, we can carve as 30,000. Even we can write in small chocolate, but there is a reason for choosing a significant size. We are going to consume it multiples in a day.

People might think consuming more chocolates will lead to Diabetics, consuming of chocolates will not lead to people with diabetes; if you are a diabetic patient, then it might increase. To resolve our money problem, we are going to drink one chocolate, multiple times in a day.

When to Use ?

Use this process only during an emergency. Please don’t do these simple spells regularly for every requirement. 

Nowadays, dark chocolates are readily available in the market, and it contains 70% of COCO. You can use these Chocolates for 2 to 3 times, by writing multiple things. We can also get these chocolates as sugar-free. It will not affect your health in any way. If you have diabetes, you can use it to try this method.

How to Proceed

Take the soft portion of the chocolate; carve the amount required on the whole part of it, that is from the top end to bottom end. Place the chocolate in a box and keep it in the freezer. Just freeze it for a few hours; in case of big chocolate, you can use it multiple times. 

Look at the amount written in chocolate for twice or thrice, and you should think that you have to get that amount immediately. That, in turn, gets registered in our subconscious mind.

Usually, People use Chocolates for gaining immediate energy as it contains sugar. In our brain, we have neurotransmitter called Dopamine; it gets boosted while consuming chocolate. The point enabled will get transmitted inside our body, and it will go inside to our subconscious mind and bring some fixation for our problems.

Final Words

These are Simple Spells from the Law of attraction methods, many people have used, and it has been successful. It’s a simple spell but quite unbreakable. You can try this even in non-sugar items like sweets. Prepare sweets without sugar and stretch in it; it is not necessary to try this only in chocolates. Spread your imagination. It has NO Limits !! Try it in Several kinds of things. ONLY RULE: It should taste Sweet !! That’s it !!

Use this process only when there is a necessity; you can mention how much ever you amount want. Follow this process as mentioned and get benefited.

TC : Smt.Radha Karthik