Spiritual Remedies for Life Problems


Spiritual Remedies: Learn about a method which will help us to eradicate most of the sorrows or problems we have. It’s a combination of the tantric and mantric process. For this, we need a new broomstick and a few colour threads. Purchase the broomstick only on Thursday. There is no restriction on size or colour. 

Spiritual Remedies & Significance of colours and purpose of using it:


To get rid of Money related problems and also, we can use to get rid of the people who are jealous of us.


People use to get threats from the third party to return the loan amount which they have borrowed. To protect themselves through spiritual remedies, they can use a red colour thread. They can also protect them from evil and malicious eyes.

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Use it for Money related problems through these spiritual remedies.


WHITE AND SILVER COLOUR THREADS used to remove general obstacles in the money flow. In contrast, GREEN COLOUR THREAD helps to remove all sorts of business problems – business loss, difficulties in communication type of business and also consultancy business. That is the beauty of these Spiritual remedies.

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Ladies can pray and do this process on behalf of their husband to solve business-related issues.

In case if you have to cover all the problems one can use all the three threads. It is advisable to use one coloured thread at a time so that one can concentrate on that problem and can solve it.


People who are unhappy with their family, no peace and less divinity, good things to happen through spiritual remedies.

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Use it for multipurpose things like health issues, no employees in the company’s and also employees not sustaining in work.

Procedure to use the thread:

First, take appropriate colour thread as per the problem you would like to solve through spiritual remedies and put a knot at both the ends. The length depends on the kind of broomstick you have purchased.

Then you have to take the broomstick and tie the thread at the starting place of the broomstick and tie rest of the rope to the broomstick. No of rounds will depend on the length of the string you have taken.


The thread which you chose should be the main thread in the broomstick. You can even tie all the other colour threads on the top of the main thread if you have all the problems mentioned above. If you connect all the five threads, you will get confused about which one to follow as per these spiritual remedies. 

How to Do

After tying the thread, sweep your entire house or place using it, and keeping intent to clear the challenges, you’re facing now. Doing these things to get rid of all the negativity, and everything should pass away; nothing should come in again. 

In some of the houses the maid uses to sweep the house, if they do with that broomstick, we will have an effect, but it will not have the impact of these spiritual remedies as you do on your own.

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In that scenario, you can select a place and ask their maid not to sweep that place. You can clean that place daily by thinking of that problem. Soon the issues will get resolved. 

Final Words

Once your problem is over through the spiritual remedies, you can throw that thread in the dustbin and move ahead with solving the next issue. There is no time limit. You can do as much as you can. This method can be followed at any point of time in your life whenever you want to solve these problems. It is one of the best mantric practices.

Use separate broomstick at home and for the business place. If you are choosing any one of the threads along with that, you can combine yellow colour thread more positive outcome.

Try to follow these unique spiritual remedies to solve all your problems as per the procedure given by Astrologer ShriGuru.Vamanan Sesshadri and attain maximum benefits. 

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Spiritual Remedies: Learn a method through which you can resolve all issues which you face in your life. 

We come across people taking a drastic decision like ending their life for not succeeding, and they even stop praying to God and stop doing all their regular activities. We even see people who often go into depression and have sleepless nights. 

Usually, people in depression will often think what is next and how to resolve it? They will feel like having someone to solve their problems in a minute. There are solutions for every situation.

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For example:  

When we have more pain in our body, we will be ready to intake pain killer and stop the pain. 

Some people are ready to bare the disease but not the pain. Regular intake of antibiotic will make them feel free from the disease. In this case, the condition we go through in life; it may be family or business-related problems.




Time: We have to start on Saturday at RAHU KALAM or night time between 8 pm to 9 pm.

Easy Procedure:

MAGISHASHI is just like sambrani, but it is a compelling product used in spiritual remedies, and it has got the Divine Healing power. We are not going to use it like normal sambrani.

One should consider these spiritual remedies only on Saturday during RAHU KALAM time if it is not possible to do at the night time between 8 to 9 pm. To do this method, we have to take a bucket of normal water, avoid using hot water. 

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Take a small piece of MAGISHASHI like the size of gooseberry (NELLIKKAI) and drop that into the bucket of water. Allow it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes, and then we can bath. 

Avoid using the shower on this day. After the bath, you will feel the difference, and we will feel fresh. It is called a cleansing method through spiritual remedies. One can go to sleep after taking a bath. 

Do this method only twice in a month in the time gap of 15 days. One can use MAGISHASHI as sambrani. Even it will work as a spiritual remedies method. Some people will be suffering from their birth; those people can follow this method to get instant results for their problems. Suppose if it is a big problem, we cannot expect instant results, we have to use it for a period of 3 to 4 months. It will surely help to resolve the problems, or it might even show you the path to solve.

TC : From ShriGuru Methods Smt.Radha Karthik