Simple Symbology: Learn how to get expected good news from others by watching a bird.

To know

People always expect to get news somehow; they might think of a person and expect that person to come and convey useful information to them.

We might be expecting something and waiting for the concerned person’s approval. It can be an insider from our house, or it can be an outsider. We might expect some good news from our business place, or our boss or HR.


What are the scenarios?

There are two types of scenarios; let us understand by going through the below explanation:

Firstly, we might expect news, and in case of any issues that arise out of it, we tend to blame others and try to escape.

Secondly, there might be some cases where the respective person should convey positive news to us. For example, Salary increment, in family parents expects kids to accept the marriage proposal, etc.

Depending upon each person’s mindset, we expect a certain degree of good news to come to us. Everything is connected with the subconscious mind. Think before you do this. First, you have to be clear with the intent and reason for watching the bird and our requirements. Whenever you look at it, you should remember your dream. We should understand, by following this process, we cannot make everything happen.

General Information

Earlier day’s pigeons were used to transmit messages from one place to another. There is a habit of writing the message on a paper and tie it on the pigeon’s leg, but now these things are impossible. 


Here for this simple symbology method, the good news is going to be given by the crow. Olden days, people say when a crow sounds (KAGAM KARAIYUM PALAN), we will get some good news. Both People in India and a foreign country will have fear towards crow sound. People in a foreign country will call crows Raven.


Whenever a crow sounds in the kitchen, outside the house, or on a tree, people start thinking about what kind of news we will receive. Some might think of the crows as their ancestors. At times, crows hit on the head, and we would start thinking of it as a bad sign. Even if a crow sits on the vehicle, it is assumed as God Shani, and some people wash the car immediately.

Generally, everyone will fear the crow, and the reason behind this is that only odds were taught to us from our childhood. 

Things to know about Crow: Symbology

Whereas Crow is a useful messenger, and now we are going to learn about the crow. The best option is to have a picture of the crow poster or as a display picture on your mobile, and also you can have it as a laptop wallpaper.

There might be a question of why we have to watch crows and, in turn, get any bad news. It would help if you worried about anything; nothing will happen. Everyday things will happen while you watch the crow picture. I use to say this in all my courses “Energy flows where the attention goes. ”  

Everything will occur only based on your thinking, and you will never come across anything odd. Unless and until you think of anything negative. If you think only good things and do well to others, you will not face any awful something through this unique symbology method. In case you feel anything odd, it’s just your thinking. In this, you will get only good things.

Do watch crow regularly and get all your wishes satisfied.

Money Attraction: Easy Methods


Learn how to go abroad and enlarge your business with foreign collaboration by following the simple symbology method. 

People wish to go to foreign countries, or they want to meet their kids who are living in foreign countries. Due to unavoidable situations, they are unable to plan or make the trip.

Some wish their kids to come back to the country to meet them.

What is the reason?

People wish to go to foreign countries to get a good job and work hard to settle in foreign countries.

Many wish to do foreign business like import and exports and several other businesses, and at last, they want to earn foreign currency through any of the ways, and they wish to gain more foreign clients.

What to do?

For this, we will follow a simple process, nothing but we are going to get a toy symbol from the shop.


You have to get an airplane toy and place it in a prominent place or at the home where you see mostly. Even you can use airplane flying image as your display picture on mobile or laptop.

Generally, we will visualize many things in a day; in a survey, they have predicted the details. A person gets 75000 thoughts in a day, and in that, 65000 are negative thoughts, and those negative thoughts are also of various kinds.


These things might vary from person to person. It is okay if we hold a single thought for a full 1 minute, and it is nothing but meditation. If you could have it several times a day, then it is straightforward to attain. 

Let it be of any kind. Attainable or unthinkable, it can be easily accomplished by doing a simple meditation.

This is a fast working method and works based on how immense your thoughts are. Suppose if you are finding it tough to hold for a minute, you can even start talking and tell your wishes by watching the airplane image.

 After some days, you can stop saying and watch the image. You will feel how fast it is working.

TC : Smt. Radha Karthik