The Money Paradox: How to attract money to yourself?


This blog post is about The Money Paradox: How to attract money to yourself?

Have you ever noticed that money is running away from you every time you are looking for it? Yet when you do nothing to get it, it comes to you more easily.

It is characteristic of money and in my opinion this constitutes a paradox. Indeed, there is a certain contradiction between your goal and that of money.

In this article, I’ll tell you about the money paradox. I will also give you tips to deal with this paradox in order to have the upper hand.

The Money Paradox: How to attract money to yourself?

Lack of money and its consequences

Attract Money – Lack of Money and Its Consequences

For those who do not know me, my name is Thami Kabbaj, I am the author of several bestsellers, entrepreneur, investor, I help people who want to act to explode their limits. 

Which makes me, a person who lives with money on a daily basis, a real enigma. I saw all the money issues when I didn’t have any. 

As a child, I did not have a dream life but rather a modest one. My parents couldn’t afford everything. I saw them tighten their belts. Especially my father who had to drive the same car for years.

My father told us that it was because of us, that it was for us that he was doing all this.

He said it was because of us that he was struggling. He repeated to us each time that it was for our happiness that he sacrificed himself.

For my part, I told myself that I would never live in want again. Certainly, we were not in misery since there was worse. 

However, the reality was that with us it was not happiness. We tightened the belt every day.

There were regular arguments in my family between my father and my mother over money. Therefore, I hated money. I hated the rich. I hated our situation as poor people. 

However, as much as I hated money, I was convinced that it was the solution to our problems.

This was already a paradox. When you don’t have money the only obsession you have is attracting money to yourself. In the end, we run after money. 

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Attract Money: Have the Money Mindset The Money Paradox

We all run after money because for us it is the solution to our problems. Still, money strangely runs away from you when you run after it.

However, once you understand money, develop the money mindset, and know-how to attract it to you, you actually attract it to you.

However, for this to happen to you, it is imperative that you are not obsessed with money. It will come under its conditions, to you as if by magic.

In everything and especially in attracting money, having a mindset is very important. When you change your mindset, your relationship to money automatically changes. The practice of positive thinking also applies to money. 

Indeed, our worst fears, the ones we focus on usually end up happening to us. By changing your mindset about money, you are no longer afraid.

When you are afraid, when you are constantly anxious, you ultimately attract your worst fears to yourself. 

When you are in a situation of particularly lack of money, and you do not feel fear, it is as if you are no longer in need.

We are in a world where the money is plentiful. This is not what is missing. We are in a world of abundance and not of failures or lack. 

As soon as you change the way you think about money, your relationship to money, the way you approach it, and earn it, your life changes automatically.

This is the reason why I insist that you have to work seriously on the dimension of money. It will change your life. 

We have long been conditioned to think that money is scarce. And that for that, you have to work hard. That we have to make sacrifices. I certainly don’t want to tell you not to work hard.

I don’t mean you don’t have to make the sacrifices. I am a hard worker. Sacrifices, I have made a lot in my life. So I can’t tell you not to work hard or make sacrifices.

But it is not obvious that by making sacrifices, by working hard, you can earn money so that you can achieve financial freedom. 

What I’m sure is that I don’t sacrifice as much as I used to. Today I suffer much less than before.

While being a hard worker, I continue to work. However, it is not my hard work that allows me today to have the situation that I have now and that I believe is one of the most enviable. 

What allows me to have a good situation is my relationship to money now. We are not the same in our relationship to money. 

Indeed, when we take two people A and B, one of the two will explode its scores, its results and surpass its limits.

During this time, the other person will stand still for their entire life.

Yet these two people both work just as hard. If working hard was enough to attract money, many people in the world would certainly be rich.

Many work hard and don’t have much, others just put in a little effort and earn a lot of money. 

The difference between these two people is their state of mind. Their relationship to money.

You understand then why I insist all the time on the report to the money which you must have. It will make a difference in your life.

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