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Deepavali Money Attraction Rituals: In this post, we are going to see a new method which is very important to follow during Deepavali time. I am going to share many posts related to poojas to which you can do during this Deepavali. Please read the blogs and follow all the methods and get benefited. I’ve tested these ways which will free us from all the financial obstacles for at least a year, and you can follow the same throughout the lifetime.

I always like to share simple and easy methods and cost-effective solutions which can be followed by all. In this method, we are going to see how we can have Kuberar and MahaLakshmi always at our home.

Things Required:

KUBERA AND MAHA LAKSHMI PHOTO SMALL SIZE (You can even download the picture)

Easy Procedure:

We have to get an unruled notebook (small size), and the cover of the notebook should be hard. We have to wrap the notebook with golden colour paper. We have already asked you to maintain books for Kula Deivam and Pithrukkal. 

All Marwari people start their accounts on this Deepavali day as they believe it to be promising for Goddess Mahalakshmi.

In the same way, we are going to start that day with a new note. We have to get a Hard Cover Unruled notebook of small size and cover the notebook with a Golden Colour gift warp paper. 

We need to get the picture of Kubera and MahaLakshmi; it can be a smaller size as well. We need to paste the photo in the middle part of the front and back of note on top of the golden colour wrapper. In the front side we need to paste Kubera Photo and at the backside Mahalakshmi Photo. Now we made the initial part of the book ready, and we need to write certain things in the book, which we are going to see now.

Most important, we have to start using this notebook on Deepavali day. Once we completed the writing, we have to keep it in the pooja room. In the same way, the next day is PRADAMAI. In the same, we have to write and keep it back in pooja room. After two days of keeping it in the pooja room, we can take the notebook if you want. At any cost don’t remove from pooja room on both these days.

The first page of the notebook, it can be an index page, write the head of the family name then write your House address. Next line we are going to write “OM GAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA“, next line you have to write your “Kuladeivam’s name“, next line write your favourite God name. Write All these things in green colour pen.

Then we have to move to the next page, which has the heading Index title, here write the names of all the family members. Then you have to take the right side page, and you can stick your family photo if you wish. In that page, you can write all of your desires, let the title for the page be Deepavali 2020 to next year Deepavali 2021. You have to write all your desires within the page; it should be short and specific. The desires we are mentioning here should be realistic and acceptable to us. 

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If you wish to buy a house, you should specify whether it is an individual house or flat system and you have to mention the amount. For example, “I wish to buy a unique place for five crores”, or “I have to build it”. If you want a flat, “I wish to buy a flat for 50 lakhs” (Or whatever the amount if you wish). If you want a car for 50 lakhs, your wish should be specific and transparent in terms of model, colour, etc. This method will help to work towards that goal and achieve it. So, kindly specify all your desires.

Once you specify all the above information, we are moving to next page where we have to write “OM MAHALAKSHMI NAMAHA (27 TIMES), and you have to draw a line, and then we have to write “OM KUBERAYA NAMAHA” (27 times). Write Both these slokhas on the same page.

Next page we have to write this number – 914719318916.

On the day of Deepavali and the next day Pradamai you have to write this number 108 times, and after that, we have to write this number 54 times in green colour ink. This note can be called a MAHALAKSHMI note or KUBERA note. You have to chant this regularly within you. 

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This number is a frequency number, and it has Divine Energy. First, two days if the head of the family does it, it is an added advantage. If not, it can be written by anyone in the family at any time. It is okay if we have this book with us for years. This frequency number spreads a lot of positive vibration and energy to your house. It is an energy number, and we can do specific things using it.

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TC : Smt.Radha Karthik