Deepavali 2020 Add Good Karma on Dwadashi Day

Do you know when is Deepavali 2020 ? This year Deepavali falls on Saturday 14.11.2020, and we have to follow the method two days before, i.e. 12.11.2020 (For Some Countries it is on 11.11.2020). Generally following this method on auspicious time will lead to an increase in wealth and prosperity, whereas in this method, we can even clear all our debts. We can also considerably reduce in Deepavali 2020, our this JENMA (this birth) as well as past birth Karmas.

Dwadashi Thithi

Every year before two days of Deepavali we will get this TITHI. I will let you know about the TITHI; you have to follow this TITHI every year. By following this method, you can attain more benefits. Here we talk about debts, and this debt doesn’t mean only about money or finance, it also conveys about past life karma or the karma of the present life. Everything will get resolved when we follow this method.

This method is very famous in Gujarat and even all the northern part of India. They celebrate Deepavali as well as this DHWADASI day as a big festival. The name of the ritual IS GO DHWADASHI. We are all aware of DHWADASHI; it is nothing but TITHI. This time it is coming on AMAVASYA (no moon day).

Usually, it comes on CHATURDASHI, and the next day of Deepavali will be no moon day. This time CHATURDASHI TITHI, AMAVASYA TITHI are coming on the same day. Even NARAGA CHATURDASHI comes on the same day.
Two days before Deepavali, we are getting DHWADASA TITHI; you have to follow GO DHWADASHI. In this “GO” refers to the cow, we are going to worship cow and calf together in this method.

This GO DHWADASHI comes in the evening time, and I will share you the mantra and the auspicious time to follow this method.

Please don’t miss this method. This method is more comfortable for the people in the village, the people who are living in the city can find it difficult. In villages, there will be more cows and calves so that they can worship it very quickly.

They can decorate the cow and calf with turmeric and kumkum and show dhoop as we do for God. We have to give banana or jaggery for the cows to eat. It is not that we have to give only to the cow with calf, you can even offer to any individual cows. It is also auspicious.

The people living in the city can check the people who sell milk they will have both cow and calf.

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You can ask them to bring that cow and calf to your house in the evening; even you can pay them.

Even people living in the flat can do this outside the apartment and follow the instructions given.

In general, we can worship cow and calf any day at any time but following this on the auspicious brings us more wealth and prosperity and this will also make us clear all our debts in our life. Please pray to it and we all know all the deities all living inside the cow. So, please follow it and get benefited.

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TC : Smt.Radha Karthik