15 strategies to how to attract money now


How to Attract Money Now : “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” is a phrase that no matter how much it is uttered, is not possible without money. There is no end to the efforts of people to earn this money. In this effort, some do jobs; some do business. Those who do business, others do jobs under it. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. There are currently many sources of online income, out of which I will discuss 15 strategies on how to attract money now.

Disgust towards the office, busy job and schedule life at the same time every day? In this age of information technology, there are many job opportunities at home. To earn this kind of independence, you need skills and dedication, and of course, internet connection Let’s take an introductory look at 15 things that can be strategies on how to attract money now:


AdSense and other ad networks:

Affiliate Marketing:

If you are very serious about making money online, and if you are a hardworking person, then how to attract money now you can earn unlimited income through affiliate marketing. People are shopping more online now than ever before. And the upward development of this online shopping has increased the opportunity to earn through affiliate marketing than before.

There are hundreds of online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Click Bank, CJ, Alibaba etc. where you can promote their products online. For affiliate marketing, you can create a website to help customers buy the right product. Instead, you can earn a commission of 4% to 20% depending on the product and the market place on the sale of that product. There are now affiliate marketers in the ward who are earning thousands of millions of dollars every month.


E-mail Marketing:

If you have studied or work experience in public relations or marketing, you can do e-mail marketing. This work of promoting different products and communicating with customers can be done in one organization as well as in multiple organizations on a freelance basis. People skilled in communication and web and graphic design will get additional benefits in this work.

Promotional Video Making:

If you have knowledge or work experience in film making, you can become an independent producer. The job is to make advertisements or promotional videos of various products and publish them online through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. For this, the concerned institutions will pay fair remuneration.

Web / Graphic Design:

There is a demand for web design or graphic design work. But it has to be absorbed well. Overnight it is not possible. Nowadays, these subjects can also be learned online. Now almost all the organizations have to open their websites and update them regularly. So the job opportunities of these designers will increase a lot in the future.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular tasks online. If you can do SEO, you don’t have to worry about making money online. There are thousands of websites and companies online that spend thousands of dollars every month on SEO so that their website keywords appear first in Google or other search engines. If you want to learn SEO work, there are many organizations who can contact you to teach SEO work. And if you want to learn by yourself, you can learn by looking at the thousands of articles on YouTube and Google.


Content Writing:

Another popular way to make money on the internet is to write content for various blogs or websites. You can write about different blogs, companies, organizations, individuals, products. Content writers are paid an additional amount for different types of writing.

However, content writers usually charge five or more for 500-word content. You can go to sites like Elance, iWriter, WriterBay, FreelanceWriting, TextBroker, ExpressWriters.com, FreelanceWritingGigs.com to get content writing work done. However, in the case of online income, what we always think is wrong is that we try to earn money online without knowing any work. So you understand anyone subject well, know, learn well then try how to attract money now. Then your success in the online world will come.


If you have proficiency in two or more languages, you will get the job of a translator. Such work can be done sitting at home. Freelance or contract translation work is also available without going to a fixed job. Online portals or various publishing houses employ translators.

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Customer Service Management:

Many organizations provide online customer service at the request of their products. Various Internet-based shopping websites have ‘Help’ or ‘E-mail for immediate help’ sections for shoppers. The job of customer service managers is to increase the quality of service by responding to these requests on behalf of specific organizations. This can be done remotely online or, in some cases, over the phone.

Creating apps for Android or iPhone:

If you have studied computer science or software engineering, you can create different apps for Android or iPhone. In this case, it is necessary to make an app suitable for solving people’s needs and various problems. This work can be done sitting anywhere.


Fundraising for the organization of films and music or charitable projects for various organizations is more prevalent in Western countries. Sales and marketing, social media skills and connecting with the general public will keep you ahead.

Publication of e-books:

With the change of era, mechanical e-books are taking the place of books on paper. Now people have started buying e-books, and a big market is being created for it. The work of publishing and marketing these books is entirely internet dependent. The demand for this work is increasing.

Data Entry:

Data entry is one of the easiest tasks online. However, such work is now scarce due to automation. Those who have a computer, internet and high-speed typing skills can do such work. Most freelancing sites have this type of work. However, those who have skills in any job, they can easily get a job and increase income quickly.


There are also a few apps for creating online product catalogues. You can see it in these apps. Although this app is completely free, they will take a three and a half percent dividend on the price of the product you sell. The name of the app – Etsy.

Your current job:

Now more than any time in past, the opportunity to work from home has increased. With the availability of technical facilities, the activities of many organizations are becoming online dependent. Most of the work is getting finished from a distance without going to the office. Check to see if you can change your current work style at home.